Monday, January 26, 2009

Cake Decorating Contest! :D

Whew! I really do NOT deserve to have a blog! :) My only excuse is that life is very busy right now and I don't have much time for posting. I would say I'll try to do better know how that goes. Oh, well. :D
A little insight on what I've been doing... this past holiday season, I received an order for 22 cakes! Not just plain old cakes, mind you. 11 three-layered red velvet cakes and 11 fifteen layered chocolate cakes. Know what else? We needed to make them ALL in a 36 hr. period! Well, it took both Erin and I to get er' done, but we did it! :)

Here's only 9 cakes pictured out of 22!

Which brings another subject to mind...I have always wanted to host a contest of some sort but never have done it, sooooooo... You are all invited to enter "Dixie Doodles Cake Decorating Contest"! Here are the rules:

1. It can be any decorated cake (or cupcakes) that you have made any time, any year, any place, just so long as you made it.
2. Just post a picture of your cake on your blog and if you don't have a blog, comment that you wish to enter and we'll go from there.
3. Cakes will be judged by creativity and originality.
4. The deadline is Feb. 15th.
5.. The winner will receive a little surprise prize! :)

So there you go! I would love to see your cakes! Don't know how many of y'all would be interested, but thought I'd try anyway. :)