Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have ALOT of catching up to do...

Well, to make up for lost time, I'm going to give y'all a real of my adorable baby brother's 3rd birthday! What? You're not thrilled? :)

Ain't he a darling lil' stinker all decked up in his Daniel Boone outfit? Oh, excuse me, Zandie Boone...not quite as tall as a mountain, but he makes up for it in cuteness (he really does not like to be called cute, you know, for the sake of manhood and say the "Awwwwwws" under your breath! LOL

And this is his coonskin cap cake...he was pretty tickled with it. :)

Blowing out all of his are getting on up in age, buddy! ;)

And one more picture of the courageous trailblazer...happy birthday, Alexander!
Cheerio for now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bunny Washcloth Tutorial

Well, I don't have my e-book done yet (hopefully spring won't be over by the time it's finished), but I thought I'd post how to make one of crafts here to give you an idea of what the book will contain. It will be on my blog for only a short time, but any feedback would be appreciated! :) So here's how to make the Bunny Washcloth...hope it makes sense! ")

Bunny Washcloth

What You Will Need:

Fluffy washcloth

Fabric glue

Black felt

Thin strand of matching ribbon

Rubber band


Step 1: Lay washcloth on a flat surface and fold into a triangle. Beginning at pointed end, tightly roll washcloth into long tube.

Step 2: Fold washcloth tube in half then half again. Slip rubber band over washcloth halfway and secure. You may need to adjust rubber band and fluff the “ears”.

Step 3: Wrap ribbon around rubber band and tie in a bow. Adjust accordingly to hide band.

Step 4: From black felt, cut out two small eyes and nose. Attach pieces to “bunny” with dots of fabric glue. Let dry, then put out for display.

These little bunnies work well as tiny gift “baskets” as well. Place a piece of candy in the hole in the middle of the bunny to make a sweet treat for kids and adults alike!