Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bunny Washcloth Tutorial

Well, I don't have my e-book done yet (hopefully spring won't be over by the time it's finished), but I thought I'd post how to make one of crafts here to give you an idea of what the book will contain. It will be on my blog for only a short time, but any feedback would be appreciated! :) So here's how to make the Bunny Washcloth...hope it makes sense! ")

Bunny Washcloth

What You Will Need:

Fluffy washcloth

Fabric glue

Black felt

Thin strand of matching ribbon

Rubber band


Step 1: Lay washcloth on a flat surface and fold into a triangle. Beginning at pointed end, tightly roll washcloth into long tube.

Step 2: Fold washcloth tube in half then half again. Slip rubber band over washcloth halfway and secure. You may need to adjust rubber band and fluff the “ears”.

Step 3: Wrap ribbon around rubber band and tie in a bow. Adjust accordingly to hide band.

Step 4: From black felt, cut out two small eyes and nose. Attach pieces to “bunny” with dots of fabric glue. Let dry, then put out for display.

These little bunnies work well as tiny gift “baskets” as well. Place a piece of candy in the hole in the middle of the bunny to make a sweet treat for kids and adults alike!


Amy said...

I like your bunny and I can't wait to read the whole Spring ebook after it's done!
You did good!
PS...the pics are good too! :o)

Bailey said...

Ooo...and I have no criticisms. :) If only we had an extra fluffy white washcloth lying around... Really cute - I love it!

Autumn said...

That is so cute!!

You seem very talented/crafty! How would you feel about doing some guest posts on my craft blog, Creative Combustion?

Elisabeth said...

Thanks y'all so much for your sweet feedback!! :)
Oh, I would love to, Autumn! Thank you for the invite! ")

abitucker said...

Such a cute craft!!

Susie said...

I think it is so cute.. We make them and call them BooBoo Bunnies.
You put an ice cube in the center and put it on the boo boo and it makes the boo boo better..

The Clip Cafe said...

That is sooo cute!! Came across your blog (somehow.. in the traveling of the blog world lol) Am following now :-)