Friday, July 11, 2008

Georgia John Rides Again!

Howdy, podners!
Well, good old Georgia John is back and this time riding his trusty steed, Ranger!
If y'all haven't read Erin's post about Ellie Oakley and Georgia John, you won't have a clue about what I'm talking about so you might want to head over to her blog and then come back. :D
You back? Great. Here's a photograph of G.J. riding Ranger:

Cute, huh? Know how Ranger was born? From a cardboard box! A few weeks ago, our good friend, Jarrett, had a costume party to celebrate his third birthday. John put in right off that he wanted to be cowboy. Erin and I had seen something similar to the horse in a Family Fun magazine and decided to make him a bronc to match his attire. We took a good sized cardboard box and cut the hole in the middle to fit John's waist. We then spray-painted the box a nice shade of brown and let it dry for about 30 minutes, then added white spots here and there. After that, we cut out the horse's head and ears from the flaps on the box. I painted on eyes, a nose and we proceeded to hot glue the head to the body and the ears to the head. We also hot glued two strips of cloth to the body to act as suspenders. Then came the really fun part! We took a pair of Alexander's pants, stuffed them with cotton, closed the ends with rubber bands, and attached a small pair of cowboy boots with safety pins. When John climbed into the horse, we tucked his "legs" around his waist. Last but not least, we attached a yarn tail to the body with (you got it!) hot glue! The result? A cute buckaroo riding a gallant steed! ;)
Here are a few more pics from the party (compliments of Mrs. Suzanne!):

Poor old Ranger lost an ear...sigh!

Lol Erin and I dressed exactly alike for the party (something we haven't done for years) and wore different name tags! :D Goodness, you can certainly tell that we just went to the beach! Oh, and those ridiculously large sunglasses? All I can say is that you NEED large sunglasses here in Georgia to protect your eyes from the sun that shines most of the time! :OD

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Betty said...

What a fantastic job on Georgia John's costume....I'd recognize that horse anywhere....

Seeing you dressed alike brings back so many memories.....

Love you....Mam

Bailey said...

Yay, my favorite hero is back!! LOL That was such a great idea, and the loss of an ear isn't such a horrible travesty...after all he has another, doesn't he? It could've been worse: he could've lost his only TAIL. :D

Elisabeth said...

Thanks, Mam! Yes,dressing alike did bring back memories...and also how we used to switch our name tags!:)
Thank you, Bailey! Sadly,Ranger is on the verge of losing his other ear...we've got to use more hot glue next time! :OD