Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Tour of Our Room

Yes, I know...I keep saying I'm going to do better and post on my blog. My excuse? I've been really busy and I just don't get on the computer a lot. :D But I'll try to post more often. I've been wanting to do a post about my room (or should I say my room that I share with my sisters, Erin and Ellie?) We painted it last summer and, let me tell you, that's not a job we plan to repeat anytime soon. Erin and I had green paint all over us for a week! lol *clearing throat* And now without further delay...a tour of our room (hosted by none other than me!):

*BTW, I realize it's kind of choppy, but hope you enjoy anyway!

Hmmm...think I'll ever get to host my own show on HGTV? ;)
Have a great day!


Beth said...

Well that is just too fun! It was a very nice tour! I think I can see you with a show on HGTV. Oh and where you were going to paint the books, you could paint chalkboard paint and have a message center.

just a thought!

Betty said...

Elisabeth, or IsBaah,
I think you need your own tv show....I'm looking forward to another room.....

Love you and your videographer....(somehow I don't think that's spelled correctly.....


James McKie said...

Well it's about time. Oh yeah, guess what I can do... DRIVE HAHAHA

Autumn said...

You should definitely get your own show! Neat tour.

I linked you to my blog, "Butterfly Kisses" today!

Elisabeth said...

That's a great idea, Sis. Beth! :)

Thank you, Mam! ")

lol James, I doubt anyone else has a clue as to what you're talking about!:P

Thanks, Autumn! I'm going to link to you, too! :OD

Carla said...

Oh this was a cool idea for a post! I just might steal the video idea one of these days :)

And I think it would be pretty cool if you got your own show on HGTV!